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Buying Guide

What comes with the product?

All door handles will require a latching mechanism or locking mechanism which you need to purchase seperately - unless of course you already have them. So supplied with a typical pair of door handles is:

Spindle Connecting Bar, Suitable fixing screws, back to back bolts (if handles have concealed fixing roses).


Latch furniture - your every day door handles for use on bedrooms, lounges, cupboards, or anywhere else that just needs a 'latching' function. Every set of domestic door handles would normally be available in a basic latch function. You will need a tubular latch in the door to make these work which is supplied seperately. You may even like to use your existing latches if they still look/function ok. All door furniture we sell is supplied in pairs and comes with fixing screws and a spindle bar. Some higher spec handles also have grubscrew fixings on the stem of each handle which when tightened to the spindle, offer a reliable and secure fixing method. Please check if the handle you require has this feature if you need a very secure fixing.


Lock furniture describes handles on a backplate which are pierced with keyholes (as illustrated) or euro profile holes to accept euro cylinders.
Standard key lock door handles always have a keyhole at 57mm centres to the centre of the main handle, hence why they are suitable for most if not all lever locks, from 2-lever to 5-lever and up. 

Bathroom furniture is always on a longer plate, as it needs a bathroom mortice lock to compliment it and allow it to function. There is a thumbturn on one side and a small coin release on the other, allowing emergency access if someone gets locked in. When the thumbturn is turned, the action will throw a bolt within the lock into the frame keep - much like a standard mortice lock will lock when you turn the key. A bathroom mortice lock will be required which can be purchased seperately. 


Privacy furniture will give you the same privacy effect as above, and you can also gain access in an emergency, but the difference being two things : the backplate size matches the standard latch furniture size giving continuity in size of handles around your home - although not all handle ranges have privacy furniture in the range - normally the smaller looking door handles are more likely to have a privacy option. The second difference is that you can use a standard tubular latch rather than a bathroom lock, because when the thumbturn is turned, it activates a cam plate in the rear of the handle that simply locks the handle in place so it cannot be depressed. Turning back the turn will release the handle so the door can be opened.The emergency coin slot is on the opposite side just in case you need access in an emergency.



Lever handles on round roses are very commonplace at present, and seen as a comtemporary option. There are many many fantastic designs available, and most come with back to back fixings in the pack which gives a superior fixing to the door and helps avoid the handles ever becoming loose. A set on their own will operate a latch only, so if you have a bathroom situation then you will need a bathroom turn & release (see below) of which there is normally a matching option for your handles. A bathroom mortice lock is normally used together with the handles and turn & release. As with all door handle sets, these come in a pair and  will be supplied with a spindle bar, back-to-back bolts & screws, and most also have additional grubscrews on the handle stem which can be tightened to the spindle once the handles are fitted - this gives the handles a superior fixing to the door. 


Escutcheons are required when you have a mortice lock (3-lever or 5-lever) fitted with door handles on a rose (see above). Find the escutcheon that matches your door handles and these will then sit just under the handles. (one is required each side of the door). You may also need an escutcheon on your front door to compliment a deadlock.


A bathroom turn & release set is the ideal choice when fitting door handles on a rose. A bathroom mortice lock is fitted into the edge of the door, then simply fit a door handle on a rose, and a bathroom turn like this will sit just underneath. There is a 5mm square connecting bar which goes from one side to the other, through the lock, which enables the door to be opened with a coin in the event of an emergency. This is a standard function on all our turn & release sets. Each door handle set on a rose will have a matching bathroom turn & release. All of our bathroom turn sets have a 5mm square connecting bar as standard, which suits all of our bathroom locks and bathroom deadbolts.


Mortice Knobs are still as popular as ever for consumers choosing a product for their property. With such a wide range of door knobs now available, choosing isn't easy. However price usually dictate to a certain degree, and even our cheapest door knobs carry a 10yr warranty, so you can buy with peace in mind. Please consider a few important guidelines when thinking of fitting door knobs......Who will be using the knobs? - remember that young children and the elderly can have difficulty in turning door knobs, as many need to be sprung to stop them sticking. Also those with arthritis or similar may struggle. Another important factor to consider is the length of the latch - you will need at least 75mm long so as to avoid crunching your knuckles against the doorframe when you operate the knobs.