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Is satin nickel the new chrome?

1st Oct 2013

satin-nickel-door-handles-group.jpgFor a good 15 years now. polished chrome and satin chrome have been by far the most appealing finishes for door furniture in new homes and projects around the country. Its easy to see why - the resurrgence of chrome was a breath of fresh air as during the 60's, 70's and 80's, brass was considered the best and if you could afford it, it was the only 'luxury' door handle finish availble to the masses. Now we at handles4homes see a shift in power - enter satin nickel........nickel finish itself has been around for years in formaor another, but now the manufacturer's are reacting to demand and are increasing the amount of items they are making available in this lovely satin finish. With its warm tone, satin nickel door furniture sits in between shiny brass and chrome - just the tonic if you have a traditional interior but need a contemporary solution to boot.