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Kirkpatrick 1156 Straight Shepherd Crook Door Bolt 152x45mm - Black Antique

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2 units
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£17.70Inc. VAT

Product Description

This stunning Shepherds Crook bolt 1156 is a twist on our classic bolt design. The added feature of the crook creates a unique element to the bolt.

  • Manufactured by Kirkpatrick Ltd, England
  • size available 152 x 45mm
  • Matching screws included.
  • Care instructions are included with all products and if adhered to your product will remain highly decorative and will last a lifetime.
  • Some items may not be in stock so please contact us if you require your item urgently - Kirkpatrick items are handmade and can take up to 5 weeks.
priced each.

Located in the heart of England, Kirkpatrick have preserved the integrity of their manufacturing processes whilst still making technological advances. Each malleable iron product is still handcrafted and hand finished - making each piece completely unique.

Due to the these processes, Kirkpatrick black products tend to appear a little more 'glossy' than other black antique products, so care must be taken if you need to mix and match ranges for your project. If in doubt, please call us for advice.

Overall you can be confidient when you buy a Kirkpatrick product you are guaranteed to be purchasing a 100% British made product.







Warranty Information

10 year mechanical warranty

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