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Newstar Double Action Spring Hinge 203mm (Singles) - Stainless Steel

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Product Description

Heavy duty double action spring hinges made from solid stainless steel, ideal for external/internal situations, and kitchens or humid areas in particular. Far better quality than some standard steel versions and built to last. These hinges are designed to allow a door to swing both ways and always return to the closed position. Also referred to as saloon door hinges or bomber hinges, and often seen in restaurant kitchen areas to allow foot traffic to push the door open both ways.

  • Available in three sizes, 102mm, 152mm and 204mm high. (height measurement of hinge flaps)
  • Fire tested on assesment only.
  • Adjustable tension by way of a tensioning bar and locating pin which is inserted into the top of the hinge when the desired strength is reached. 
  • As with any double action hinge, a timber plant onto the door frame is required for the hinges to mount onto to allow clearance for the spring barrels.
  • Quality stainless steel product.
  • Supplied with screws, tensioning bar and locating pins and instructions.
  • Please note these hinges are sold in singles. 
  • The manfacturer recommends that 3no hinges are fitted per leaf, using the guide below :

102mm hinges suitable for 35kg max door weight, max 750mm width. 

152mm hinges suitable for 40kg max door weight, max 800mm width.

204mm hinges suitable for 60kg max door weight, max 900mm width.

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