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Not sure about which handles or latches you need?

19th Dec 2013

Latch Handles (Latch Furniture)

Latch handles on backplate are a very popular choice for internal door applications where the door will not require any locking function, only latching. Always supplied as a pair and more often than not with a slightly shorter backplate than the bathroom handles or lock handles. Latch handles require just a mortice latch to complete the operation, of which there are quite a few to choose from. These are sold seperately. 99% of all latch handles sold on backplate are already sprung, so the need for a heavy sprung latch mechanism is not necessary.

Bathroom Handles (Bathroom Furniture)

Bathroom handles on backplate are supplied with a seperate bathroom turn & release spindle. You will need a mortice bathroom lock as shown below to make this method operate properly. (see below). Bathroom handles can sometimes be longer than the latch furniture, depending on which style you choose. When fitted, a turn of the thumbturn will engage the deadbolt of the lock into the strikeplate on the doorframe, in the same manner that a back door mortice lock would.

Privacy Handles (Privacy Furniture)

Privacy handles work in the same manner as above, except that you have to fit in conjunction with a mortice latch. The backplate is always the same length as the latch furniture of the same range, but some people find that the thumbturn is a bit too close to the handle and becomes a bit fiddly to operate. By turning the thurmbturn, a locking plate inside the backplate of the handle turns to stop the handle being depressed. As with the bathroom handles above, an emergency coin release enables access to the room in case of emergency. NOTE; only a small number of door handle types offer the privacy function.

Lever Lock Handles (Lock Furniture)

Lock handles are simply door handles that you need when thinking about fitting a lock, or indeed to replace old existing lock handles on your door(s). All UK lever locks have 57mm centres in general (the measurement from the square spindle down to the centre point of the keyway). If in doubt, please seek advice from us. You can use lock handles with 2-Lever, 3-Lever, 5-Lever or 7-Lever locks - it makes no difference.

Euro Profile Lock Handles (Euro Lock Furniture)

Adopting the same principle as above, euro lock furniture is made up of a euro profile lock case and a seperate cylinder barrell. The cylinder barrel is available with key both sides, key one side and thumbturn the other, or just as a one-sided single barrel. All UK euro profile locks have standard 47.5mm centres (from the centre of the spindle down to the centre of the round part of the euro lock hole.