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Whatlock Magnetic Child-Proof Cupboard Lock (Pack 2)

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Product Description

A pack of 2no Whatlock patented magnetic locks. Invisible from the outside, the magnetic key is placed on or around the area where the lock is fitted inside, which then throws opens the lock. Key can be kept in a safe place out of the reach of children. Ideal for kitchen cabinets etc. One key opens all locks.

• fits door thicknesses of 16-25 mm
• consists of:
- 2x locks and plungers
- 2x striking plates
- 1x magnetic key
- 12x ø 4 mm pan head screws
- fitting instructions, templates and drill guide
• white plastic, see line drawing for measurements


sold in a set of two with 1no key

Warranty Information

10 year Mechanical Guarantee

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