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Which style and which finish?

4th Nov 2012

Something we get asked a couple of times a week is whether a customer should choose a door handle on a rose or a door handle on a back plate.  Of course it's entirely down to personal taste, but the main message we try to deliver is around the differences in styles.  

Door Handles on a Rose are definitely a more modern choice, the variety of styles on a rose more often have designed brand names behind them.  Just take a look at Manital and what they offer, you'll definitely get the idea.  

Door Handles on a Backplate, you'll definitely have a narrower selection on the funky scale, but you will find a large variety of beautiful, more tradtional offerings.  One example of this is the great range of art deco door handles we have, the vast majority are on a backplate, primarily because this was the period design.

We hope this helps in the selection of your hardware, do fire a comment or contact us directly if you're not sure.