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Winter Is Coming!

6th Nov 2012

Well... for the UK, Winter is definitely coming.  The cold weather is already at our door and we're waiting for that first snow.  You might be thinking it's a little too late to start any external DIY, but it's the perfect time to think about replacing that front door hardware and get your door ready for a nice wreath for Christmas.  We thought we would call out a few great items which have been real favourites throughout the year.

Door Knockers

The Carlisle Brass M45 Doctor Knocker is an absolute beast of a door knocker, solid construction, great craftsmanship and really offers a solid sound. It's available in Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Florentine Bronze and 25 Year Guarantee Polished Brass (perfect for coastal regions)

Carlisle Brass M45 Heritage Brass K1300 Prima  AB405

Don't forget to take a look at the competitors, the Heritage Brass K1300 and the Prima AB405, both made of equally high specification materials and with that solid quality and feel to them.

Center Door Knobs

If you want to be hip on your high street, you need a good front door knob and we've got some crackers in store.  One of our favourite picks if the Frelan JV57, it's a big bold statement and definitely not one of the cheaper center knobs, but definitely a very high quality addition to your front door.  For a lighter budget you should definitely take a look at the Heritage Brass V880, it with a lighter price tag but is still of a good quality. Finally, the Ludlow Foundries LF5550 is definitely a great consideration if you have a desire for a more traditional cottage feel to your front door.

Frelan Hardware JV57 Heritage Brass V880 Ludlow LF5550


Letter Flaps

There are so many funky designs for your front door when thinking about letter flaps. One of our favourites is the Prima BC383, yes, it's another expensive choice, but it's of such a high quality and has a handle for closing the door. For a much smaller price, you have the Heritage Brass Radius, as the name suggests it has rounded ends and makes a nice change from traditional designs.  But if you really want to stand out on your street, ensure that the postman absolutely knows where to put your letters, take a look at the Prima PB178, wow.

Prima BC383/SCP83 Heritage Brass V856 Radius Prima PB178


Front Door Locks & Security

Did you know, that to comply with a number of insurance policies in the UK, you have to have a bs3621 rated lock on your door, especially if that is the primary lock on the door. More importantly, it ensures you're nice and safe when you're in and gives you peace of mind when you're out. The Yale PBS1 / PBS2 are the real premium end of the scale, coming in at a lower price is the Era 1830, with fetures that almost match the Yale.  If the lock on the front door is not the primary lock, you can always go for a much more lightweight design such as the Frelan Hardware JL7041.

Yale PBS1 / PBS2  ERA 1830 Frelan Hardware JL7041


There are more security products we can talk about regarding front door ironmongery, but for now we're signing off.  There will definitely be an article specifically about security products, because we could really talk all day about front door security, but that is for another time.

Take Care