What is PVD Brass?

PVD is the abbreviation of a process called ‘Physical Vapour Deposition, and is  the most durable brass finish available on the market. Technically, the products are not traditional brassware – they are a result of a combination of hardwearing materials and technological vacuum processes which create the luxurious brass coloured finish. In lamen’s terms, PVD products perform like a Grade 316 high quality stainless steel, but with the colour of brass. PVD door furniture products are guaranteed for 25 years not to corrode by their manufacturers, and are especially suited to customers who are looking for a low maintenance solution, and are very useful to householders who live in coastal areas which would have a high level of salt air corrosion.

Normal lacquered brassware does not usually stand up well in these areas and has been known to corrode within weeks in some cases. PVD door handles can also be used internally and will give that ‘new’ look for a minimum of 25 years. PVD products are cleaned with warm soapy water, and stubborn marks or stains can be tackled with white spirit or similar spirit based products. So, if you love the tradiotional look and feel of brass door handles and fittings, but without the fuss, PVD Stainless Brass fittings are the answer.

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