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How many door handles?

We are constantly updating our website with the latest architectural hardware and have always have the best deals and prices for our customers, but we’re most proud of the selection we now have online. In our door handle range we now have over 650 different door handles, with 3 different options available for most, either standard, privacy, lock available to choose from. If you take into account the number of finishes, we’re talking about nearly 6000 different products just in door handles alone. Whether its a contemporary finish you’re looking for, traditional finishes with... Read More


What is a backset?

W18th Oct 2013 In ironmongery terms, the backset is the measurement from the edge of a door to the centre of the door furniture spindle or keyhole (or both – they are normally the same). The backset measurement can get confused sometimes with the overall width measurement of the lock or latch that you may be looking for, so we have provided a diagram below which should make things clearer. Backset size mainly becomes an issue when you are fitting door knobs, as you will need to ensure the knobs... Read More

Do Door Handles And Door Knobs Come In Pairs?

A question we often get asked is whether our door knobs and door handles come as single items or as pairs.  The answer is “yes” they do come in pairs unless we state otherwise.  We’ve tried to make it clearer on each product page by including a badge showing that the item is priced per pair.  In case we miss an item that you feel should be marked as sold per pair or set, give us a call and we’ll let you know. We always love hearing from you about our website and improvements... Read More

Why Grade 316 Stainless Steel Door Furniture?

Why Grade 316 ? Grade 316 stainless steel door furniture is the ultimate material for longevity, especially when fitting on external doors, and even more so when fitting anywhere that is near or on the coast. Anyone who lives next to the coast will tell you that door furniture doesn’t normally last too long in the areas, owing to the harsh salt corrosion in the air. Normal brass and steel fittings are normally corroded within weeks, causing frustration and extra costs. Grade 316 stainless steel hardware is commonly used for food... Read More

Crystal is in, at Handles4Homes! Bring on the bling!

One of the most popular types of products we’re selling is crystal and glass door knobs and cupboard knobs. It seems like that shabby chic is very much in and we have the door knobs and cabinet furniture to really complement that look and feel. One of our most popular products is the Frelan JH5255 Facetted Crystal Cut Door Knob, as shown below.  I think you’ll agree it’s absolutely stunning and will really add a sparkle to any house. Head on over to handles4homes to get the latest range of products and bring on the... Read More

Carlisle Design Group Ironmongery

handles4homes.co.uk have a supply partnership with the country’s largest wholesaler of door and window furniture – Carlisle Design Group, which incorporates Carlisle Brass, Eurospec Hardware, Fingertip Design, and Eurolite Electrical, and can boast some of the best stocks of the above branded ironmongery products. Carlisle Brass Carlisle Brass are the UK’s foremost supplier of door and Window Furniture, supplying around 75% of the nations house builders with their door furniture. Their range is unsurpassed and covers every aspect of door furniture, including:Door Hinges, mortice latches, locks, handles on backplate, designer levers... Read More

What is PVD Brass?

PVD is the abbreviation of a process called ‘Physical Vapour Deposition, and is  the most durable brass finish available on the market. Technically, the products are not traditional brassware – they are a result of a combination of hardwearing materials and technological vacuum processes which create the luxurious brass coloured finish. In lamen’s terms, PVD products perform like a Grade 316 high quality stainless steel, but with the colour of brass. PVD door furniture products are guaranteed for 25 years not to corrode by their manufacturers, and are especially suited to customers... Read More

Showroom (updated Feb 2021)

Door Handle Showroom Now Open in Silchester, RG7 2PQ COVID UPDATE JULY 2021: Please note that our showroom is open as usual however we do ask that customers continue to wear a mask when in the premises. We provide masks on site if required. Hand sanitising facilities are available. Thank you. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Our extensive showroom is open from 9-5pm Monday to Thursday, and 9-4pm on Fridays. Come along and explore the huge range of door handles and associated fittings in many attractive finishes. Owing to the simply huge amount of... Read More