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Why Grade 316 Stainless Steel Door Furniture?

Why Grade 316 Stainless Steel Door Furniture?

Posted by Adam Copsey on 9th Jul 2020

Why Grade 316 ?

Grade 316 stainless steel door furniture is the ultimate material for longevity, especially when fitting on external doors, and even more so when fitting anywhere that is near or on the coast. Anyone who lives next to the coast will tell you that door furniture doesn't normally last too long in the areas, owing to the harsh salt corrosion in the air. Normal brass and steel fittings are normally corroded within weeks, causing frustration and extra costs. Grade 316 stainless steel hardware is commonly used for food processing equipment, and is also known as surgical stainless steel. 316 is also known as 'marine grade' stainless steel due to its higher resistance to chloride corrosion compared to the more standard grades 201 and 304. Most items are generally available in a satin (brushed) or mirror polished finish.

Expect to pay a little more for 316 products, but then you will benefit in the long run with fittings that stand up to harsh conditions. Currently, the range is fairly limited in choice owing to manufacturing costs, but most customers can find something from the range to suit their requirements. Please see our full range of 316 hinges, handles and front door hardware on the link below. 


Lastly, we always recommend wiping any external fittings with lubricant such as WD40 prior to fitting, and also as part of any maintenance program - this provides excellent shielding to the elements and will extend the life and finish of the product.