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Door Hinges

we offer all the most popular hinges at the best online prices. Find the right hinge for your project in the right finish here - we have butt hinges, cabinet hinges, projection hinges, spring hinges, gate hinges, tee hinges and many more. Buy online with safety and quality in mind at Handles4Homes.

Butt Hinges

An exciting range of hinges for use on standard internal and external doors - find the type of hinge you require and then check the finishes - most are normally available in a variety of finishes to match your project. 

Specialist Hinges

A range of hinges required for more specialist projects, such as butterfly hinges, piano hinges, spring hinges, counter flap hinges and such. 

Tee Hinges

A range of strap-type 'TEE' hinges for use on internal and external doors, including gates and garage doors.